ConsoleOne will not install properly or run on SLES10, error "Cannot find Java."

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  • 07-Nov-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012




ConsoleOne will not install or run properly on SLES10. From /usr/ConsoleOne/bin/, when you run "./ConsoleOne" to launch ConsoleOne after install, you get an error "Cannot find Java."


For ConsoleOne to work properly, one of the following paths or conditions must be met.

1) C1_JRE_HOME ( set by the user if the user is going to use a different jre )
2) /usr/java/jre or /usr/java/jre/jre , should contain exectubles or libraries in bin and lib folders respectively. ( if c1 is installed by ./c1-install -c jre . The jre bundled with ConsoleOne build ).
3) JRE_HOME ( which is set by JRE or OS : From coolsolutions ( ) it looks like JRE install is the one that is setting this path)

./c1-install script is not doing anything related to setting the path.
./ConsoleOne is just searching for the above path ( from 1 to 3 ). Else it will throw the error.

There are two known fixes or workarounds to this problem. You can either ask the ConsoleOne to use it's own JRE during the ConsoleOne install using an install switch as explained in the ConsoleOne User Guide pg. 92 (below), or you can go into Yast on SLES10 before you install ConsoleOne and make sure a java is installed and then set the path manually, for example"JRE_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1_4_2-ibm-1.4.2.s4/jre".
"You are starting ConsoleOne on a Linux or Solaris computer that doesn’t have the correct Java runtime environment (JRE).
If you chose not to install the JRE during installation of ConsoleOne and your existing JRE is not the one noted in "System Requirements for Linux” on page 19 or "System Requirements for Solaris” on page 20, you might want to add the bundled JRE to your ConsoleOne installation (type c1-install -c jre at the system prompt). If you are sure you want to run with a different JRE, then set the JRE_HOME or C1_JRE_HOME environment variable to the location of that JRE. ConsoleOne determines which JRE to use as follows:
- If C1_JRE_HOME is specified, that JRE is used.
- If the JRE bundled with ConsoleOne is installed, that JRE is used.
- If JRE_HOME is specified, that JRE is used.
- Otherwise, ConsoleOne displays an error message and quits.

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