How to suppress update messages presented by the iPrint client

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  • 16-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows
Novell iPrint for NetWare Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6 Print Manager
Novell iPrint for Linux


If the name of an iPrint printer name changes, an iPrint printer is deleted from the Print Manager, or a Printer Driver Profile/Driver is updated with the Auto Driver Update feature enabled, then the iPrint printer installed to the Windows workstation will automatically be removed. The following message will be presented to the user:

The Administrator has renamed or modified printer ipp://[serverDNSorIP]/[PrinterName]. Please wait while this printer is updated.
The end user must then click OK.  No other option is presented.  In the case of an iPrint printer agent rename, the above message will be followed by this message:

Printer ipp://[serverDNSorIP][PrinterName] has been updated and its name changed to ipp://[serverDNSorIP]/[PrinterName].

Some administrators prefer that these messages are not presented to the user.


These messages can be suppressed by setting the InformUserOfUpdates to 0.  This feature requires:

  • Minimum version requirements:
    • iPrint client version 4.26 or later
    • NetWare: NDPSM.NLM dated 06OCT2006 or later
    • Linux:  All versions of OES Linux
  • Modify the InformUserOfUpdates value in the server's iPrint.ini.
    • NetWare: SYS\Apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\iprint.ini
    • Linux: /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/iprint.ini
  • Restart Apache for the change to take effect
    • rcapache2 restart
Note 1: With Windows XP, the iPrint printer install progress window will still show, but the user will not be presented with a message to click OK to.  When setting InformUserOfUpdates to 0, the auto update is a non-interactive procedure, but not completely silent.
Note 2: With Windows 7, the iPrint printer auto uninstall and reinstall progress will be hidden.  The printer will be unavailable during this processes.

Additional Information

InformUserOfUpdates = 0

This setting controls whether the iPrint client will inform the user that a printer or driver profile has been updated, renamed, deleted, or moved.

0 = Do not inform the user of changes.
1 = Inform user of changes via message box (DEFAULT).