Error updating Filestore during ZAM upgrade

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  • 21-Nov-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Asset Management - ZAM7
Novell ZENworks Asset Management 3.3 - ZAM3.3
Novell ZENworks TS.Census 3.2


ERROR: Invalid parameter detected while attempting to create ZENworks Asset Management - File Store
Database gets upgrade, but the Filestore does not.


Make sure the path to the filestore is a UNC path and not a mapped drive. If you can run the manager, you can change it by stopping the Inventory Process, then going to Tools | File Store Management.
You can also change this in the NC_Filestore table in the database through Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manger or appropriate database editing tool. The ServerName should be\\or ipaddress>\share and the Pathname should be the directory path to the Filestore Folder. If the Filestore is directly under the share, the Pathname should be .\


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