ERROR: There is no Active Print Manager on this Source server!

  • 3469148
  • 17-Mar-2008
  • 01-Dec-2016


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 8
Novell Open Enterprise Server
Micro Focus iPrint Appliance


After entering the authentication credentials in preparation to migrate iPrint printers, the following error is returned: 
There is no Active Print manager on the Source server!


There are multiple causes to this error, and therefore multiple possible solutions.

  1. Restart the print manager on the source server.
    • Linux:
      • At a terminal session connected to the source server (putty or otherwise), type this command while logged in as root:
        • rcnovell-ipsmd restart
    • NetWare
      • unload NDPSM
      • load NDPSM
  2. Change Print Manager's eDirectory server configuration
    • On the source server, the Print Manager is instructed to read eDirectory attributes from the DSServer1 server address within the ipsmd.conf.  Change that DSServer1 to a known reliable eDirectory server and restart the Print Manager.
      • Add a new line to the top of the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf on the source server.  Cause it to look like this:
        • DSServer1 <New Entry Here... Address of a Reliable Replica Holding Server>
        • DSServer2 <Original Address which was present for DSServer1>
        • PSMObjectDN cn=<printmanager>,ou=<organizationUnit>,o=organization
        • PSMObjectPassd <selfAssignedPassword>
        • PSMHostAddress <address to which the print manager is bound>
      • Restart the Print Manager
        • rcnovell-ipsmd restart
      • Attempt the migration again.
  3. Authenticate with address bound to the Print Manager
    • Exit out of the migration tool.
    • Authenticate to the source server again
    • When populating the "Server:" field for the "Source Server Authentication", use the address to which the print manager is bound.
      • Find the address the Print Manager is bound to on Linux:
        • To determine the address which is bound to the Print Manager, type this command in a terminal session to the source server:
          • grep PSMHostAddress /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf
      • Find the address the Print Manager is bound to on NetWare:
        • Go to the /ipp page.
        • Right-click one of the iPrint printer, and choose to copy shortcut or copy link location.
        • Paste the link into a word processor.  
        • The address following "ippPrinterURL=ipp://" is the address bound to the print manager.
    • Continue with the iPrint migration configuration.
  4. Check the "Is Cluster Resource"
    • If the source iPrint Print Manager is hosted on a cluster, check the "Is Cluster Resource" box.  
    • Enter the address of the cluster volume as the "Server:" , and not the address of the node.
    • Continue with the iPrint migration configuration.
  5. Enable TLS
    • Ensure "Require TLS for all operations" is enabled.
      • iManager -> LDAP  -> LDAP Options  -> View LDAP Servers -> Select the iPrint LDAP Server link  -> Connections  -> "Require TLS for all operations"
  6. Add Root Replica to Source Server
    • Add a copy of the Read/Write Root replica to the Source Server.
    • Attempt the migration again.

Additional Information

For more information refer to the iPrint Migration tool's online documentation: