Sentinel Invalid license key or problems with license key validation during installation

  • 3469094
  • 10-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Pre Sentinel 5.1.2
Sentinel 4.x
Sentinel 5.0.x
Windows 2000
Windows 2003


Invalid license key during installation of Sentinel products before version 5.1.2.
Problems with license validation during installation.


Possible Cause
The HostId that you supplied when you requested a license key is different than the current value. You can get the current HostId by running ./hostid.exe under the utilities directory on the install CD.
If the HostId returned does not match the HostId tied to your license key, you’ll need to request another license key for the new HostId.

If the HostId’s match, run the following under the utilities directory on the install CD:
set PATH=;%PATH%\softwarekey.exe –check serial_no license_key

If the program returns "Invalid Key” there is most likely a problem with the softwarekey.exe program, contact Novell Customer Support.