Initial password is not being expired when synchronized to the Identity Vault

  • 3466701
  • 30-Oct-2006
  • 17-Jan-2014


Identity Manager 3.01
Identity Manager 2.02

eDirectory 8.8.1

Security Services 2.02


Universal Password is not being expired when a user is created. The customer where the problem was found, was desiring the password to be expired on initial user creation when publishing the user from PeopleSoft to eDirectory.

When the Global Config Values on a driver are set to not publish the password to NDS or to the Distribution Password, the password will synchronize directly to the Universal Password. This causes the password to be expired as the password is being changed by an Administrator.

This functionality was not working with Security Services2.02.


Upgrade to Security Services 2.06 will resolve the problem.

If you are on eDirectory 8.7.3, go to and then click on "search patches". Then search with the product field having Security Services selected.

If you are on eDirectory 8.8, patch to the latest support pack of eDirectory 8.8.