How To Create An iSCSI Target Without Having To Restart The Daemon On SLES 10

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  • 17-Aug-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


If creating a new iSCSI target via YaST the daemon must be restarted for the new target to show up. Until YaST can complete this task dynamically the method described below is the only other way to dynamically create a target without having to restart the daemon.


1. This creates the target:
ietadm --op new --tid=10 --params

2. This creates the lun:
ietadm --op new --tid=10 --lun=0 --params Path=/tmp/file2

Note: A. The Target ID (tid) of 10 is an example. It can be any unused target id number. A tid=0 picks the next unused tid number.
B. The iqn is an example.
C. The Path of /tmp/file2 is an example.
D. See ietadm -h for more options.

This creates the target dynamically. If the target is restarted this is lost. It order to make it persistent, you also have to add the target/lun to the
configuration file /etc/ietd.conf.

The yast module create the entries in /etc/ietd.conf and then does a restart. This is why it is not dynamic. There is a request to have YaST make this change dynamically as described above, but until then this is the only other option.

Another way to create a target dynamically is with the evmsqui tool. This creates the target dynamically and adds them to /etc/ietd.conf. But you can only create targets out of storage disk devices that are managed by evms.

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