Old signature block is used by proxy user instead of updated signature

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  • 19-Oct-2007
  • 05-Jun-2013


Novell GroupWise 7


- Proxy user sends all email with old signature block information, the updated signature block is not being used
- Old GroupWise signature block is being added to mail when sent by a proxy user
- 6.5 Signature Block shows up on sent email
- The wrong signature block shows up on messages sent by the proxy user
- Previous signature block information still shows up for proxy senders but not for mailbox owner

- GroupWise 7.x clients for all users involved, clients updated from GroupWise 6.5 some time previous
- User A had a 6.5 signature block that was updated with GroupWise 7.x client updates
- User A has signature block settings to "Automatically add" the signature block
- User A recently changed signature block information with a job/role/location change
- User A has authorized full proxy access to User B
- User B sends messages when proxied into User A's account


This is fixed in GroupWise Client builds dated after Sep 2007

Change the signature block settings for the mailbox owner to "Prompt before adding" instead of "Automatically add". As the mailbox owner, within the GroupWise client complete the following steps:
  1. select the menu option Tools
  2. select Options ...
  3. double click Environment
  4. click the Signature tab
  5. click Prompt before adding
  6. click Ok
  7. click Close

This will result in the mailbox owner and the proxy users being prompted to add the signature block. This will be one extra step in sending a message. The correct signature block will be used when the proxy user sends a message.

alternate workaround:

This workaround is based on the ability to remove the older signature block that is not accessible in the GroupWise 7 or later clients. The ability to use older clients may be limited by the Administrator in the Post Office settings.

  1. Install GroupWise 6.5 client on a test workstation
  2. Log into the user's GroupWise account on the test workstation
  3. Go to the Signature setting by selecting - Tools | Options... | Environment | Signature
  4. Delete all text from the Signature block field
  5. Click "Ok" and then "Close"

Additional Information

Prior to GroupWise 7 only a single signature block was supported. Adding multiple signature block support has been implemented by adding additional fields in the user record within GroupWise. The older or original signature block was left in place for backwards compatibility. Once a user has upgraded to GroupWise 7 or later the older signature block information is no longer required and can be removed. This prevents the problem noted above from occurring. By setting the prompt for signature proxy users end up with the same result as the regular user also avoiding the problem. As noted above this problem has been corrected in later GroupWise code so should not be an issue for anyone that is using current code versions.