It appears a GroupWise rule is being ignored and another rule executing

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  • 20-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5
Microsoft Windows XP Professional


The customer has GroupWise rules that check for the presence of certain words in the attachment to mail messages.

Rule #1 at the top of the list would check for the word "Failed" and if present in the attachment then move the message to a cabinet folder called "Failed".

Rule #2 , 2nd on the list of rules, would check for the word"Incomplete" and if present move the message to the message to the cabinet folder called "Incomplete"

Note: The customer wanted to have the message go to the"Failed" folder in the event that the attachment contained both possible words. However it would go to the "Incomplete" folder.

In this situation the attachment would have both of the 2 possible words, "Failed" and "Incomplete". So because the message ended up in the "Incomplete" folder it was assumed that the first rule was ignored, but actually it was not. Both rules were executing as they should as the trigger events for both rules were satisfied. It was just that the 2nd rule executed and moved the message from the "Failed" folder to the undesired "Incomplete" folder.

The way we knew both rules were executing was that a 2nd action was placed in both rules that sent a mail message to the user with the rules, so that the next time a message was received by the user that satisfied the 2 rules we could see the 2 new mail messages that we sent as the result of rule #1 and #2 executing.


To have this problem resolved and working the way the customer wanted we placed a "Stop Rule Execution" action in Rule#1, "Failed" so that the message would go to the "Failed" folder and then stop the execution of the rule.