Getting a LDAP and NMAS dstrace log from a Novell Domain Services for Windows server.

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  • 25-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.0 (Linux based)
Novell Domain Services for Windows 1.0


Often a dstrace log from the server is helpful in locating issues especially if they are authentication related.
The steps below will output the LDAP and NMAS authentication data to a log file. This log file can be examined for troubleshooting or sent to Novell Techical Services for further study.


All of the commands listed below are run on the server's console or from a console remote connection.
1. The first step is to configure the ldap server for logging all output:
ldapconfig set "LDAP Screen Level"=all -a -w novell
This should return the following:
LDAP Server Configuration:
LDAP Server: CN=LDAP Server - LAB28.OU=Novell.CN=System.dc=hines.dc=com
LDAP Group: CN=LDAP Group - LAB28.OU=Novell.CN=System.dc=hines.dc=com
LDAP Screen Level set to all
LDAP Server refreshed with the new configuration.
2. The next step is to load the ndstrace utility:
3. Next the flags to specify the LDAP and NMAS flgs to be set are entered as well as enable the log file:
set dstrace=nodebug
set dstrace=+time
set dstrace=+tags
set dstrace=+nmas
set dstrace=+ldap
set ttf=on
4. Run the command or procedure that was failing (IE., authenticate from the workstation.)
5. Turn file logging off:
set ttf=off
6. By default the ndstrace log can be found at :