Some LUM enabled users show duplicated using getent passwd

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  • 23-Feb-2007
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


Some LUM enabled users are displayed multiple times on a workstation that has LUM installed and configured.

/etc/nam.conf has enable-peristent-cache=yes

Running "getent passwd" displays the same user, uid, groups multiple times.

#getent passwd


User that is show multiple times is only in eDirectory one time.

User is a member of multiple LUM enabled groups


This problem occurs on users that have mixed case when the CN value is different from the UniqueID value.


CN=Testuser1 with UniqueID=testuser1.

To resolve the problem:
Modify the problem user with ConsoleOne. Select the "other" tab. Modify UniqueID and change the value to something different - EX: newid.
Modify the UniqueID again and add the correct value with the same case as the CN value.
Apply changes

To correct the entries that already exist in the LUM cache, refresh the LUM cache.

To refresh the LUM cache:
#namconfig cache_refresh

Additional Information

It is highly recommended that either the LUM utilities (namuseradd, namgroupadd, namusermod, namgroupmod) or iManager w/LUM plugin be used to configure users with the necessary LUM attributes.