Loading nldap.nlm causes abends in npkit.nlm

  • 3439569
  • 18-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6
Novell eDirectory for NetWare 6.5
Security Services 2.0.3


Upgraded NetWare 6.5 server from Support Pack 3 to Support Pack 6.
Server is abending in NPKIT.NLM when you unload and load nldap.
Search: npkit NW NW65SP6


1. Delete ldap server & ldap group objects for the server and recreate them. Reassociate the ldap group object and ldap server object, and assign a certificate to the ldap server object (typically SSL CertificateDNS by default).
2. If the abend still occurs, reboot the server, unload nldap and then re-extend the schema with NWCONFIG | Directory options | Extend schema. select the following files to re-extend schema with: sys:\system\schema\ldap.sch and sys:\system\schema\ldapupdt.sch. Then reload nldap on the server with unload nldap and load nldap.