Updating Universal Password fails in C1 with 4.91psp2_pkC Client

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  • 30-Apr-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Client for Window 4.91sp2 with post sp2 patch kit C
ConsoleOne v 1.3.6e


Unable to update Universal Password (UP) through ConsoleOne
Problem occurs after installing 4.91sp2 post patch kit C on a workstation that launches ConsoleOne
Console One is launched from the Public/Mgmt/ConsoleOne/Bin directory on a NetWare server

Universal password can be successfully changed through iManager
UP can be successfully changed from the workstation with ctrl, alt, del change password


1. Remove nmas.dll and nmasmsg.dll from the SYS:\PUBLIC\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin directory.
Newer versions of these files are installed with by the patch above. The problem is that the NMAS client looks first to the server to load these files and finds the older versions (which don't work with the updated client). With the files removed from the server the newer client side files are used.

2. use iManager to change the Universal Password

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1. Install Novell Client Post-4.91 SP2 Patch Kit "C" (download file name: 491psp2_pkc.exe)
2. Launch CosoleOne (tree with universal passwords enabled).
3. Go into properties of a user, select "login methods, NDS Password."
4. Change the password.
5. The eDirectory password will be changed, but the universal password will not be changed.
6. Back rev the client to version 4.91sp2 and repeat the above steps. The universal password will be changed.

This can be verified with a packet trace capturing the attempted password change. A trace captured with the pkC client installed will show no NMAS traffic at all. A trace captured with the 4.91sp2 client will show the workstation send an NMAS Login Store Management packet containing the Login Store Message: Set Password.