How to uninstall a package using ZENworks Patch Management

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  • 12-Jul-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.3 - ZPM6.3 Package Deployment
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.4 - ZPM6.4 Package Deployment


How to use ZPM (ZENworks Patch Management) to uninstall a patch, or other software package, previously distributed by ZPM


Whether or not you can use ZPM to uninstall a patch depends entirely on the the capabilities of the patch itself. Details of any available uninstall switches are contained in the properties of the patch, stored within ZPM.
If uninstall is available, the steps you take are to schedule a deployment of the patch with the uninstall switch enabled, as follows:
  1. You need to go to the Vulnerabilities page of the ZPM web interface, and choose the Packages tab (you can't do this from the vulnerabilities tab, because you need to force the deployment of the correct package: ZPM can determine which package is required if it's not patched, but can't do that if it's already been patched).

  2. Now select the package you want to uninstall - here, the filter has been set to display Adobe packages that are enabled for the Windows platform.

  3. Here we have selected Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 and clicked next.
  4. We have to tell ZPM where to deploy the package - we must manually select the device(s). You can select any mixture of groups and individual devices.

  5. Click next, to move to the Package Selection screen - since we have already selected the package we want, just click next.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions as usual, and click next
  7. Choose any deployment options you wish, such as time to start the deployment, and click next
  8. On the Package Deployment Order and Behavior screen, you need to click the edit icon, which is in the Action column

  9. This displays the Package Deployment Behavior Options screen - if uninstall is available, you can check this box, and click next

  10. From here on, it's the same as any normal deployment. At the specified time, the package will be deployed with the uninstall flags set, and the patch should uninstall.