CR - How do I find the product I am entitled to because of active Upgrade Protection or Maintenance?

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  • 06-Oct-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012


Customer has active Upgrade Protection or Maintenance on a product and a new version comes out. Where can that customer find the product they are entitled to within the Novell Customer Center?


  1. Login to the Novell Customer Center at:

  2. Click on the column heading "Products and Subscriptions" and then "List of Products and Subscriptions". You should then see the following information:
    Product Subscriptions
    Purchased Products
    Service Subscriptions
    Entitled Products

  3. Click on"Entitled Products”.

  4. Find the product you are entitled to and double click on it to get any media or license files.

Additional Information

If you are not able to see the product you are looking for in the list of available upgrades, it could be due to at least one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Your upgrade protection has expired.
    Solution: renew your upgrade protection/maintenance.

  2. No upgrade protection or maintenance was purchased.
    Solution: purchase the latest version of the product along with upgrade protection so as to be ready for the next release.

  3. You have multiple contract numbers and the upgrade protection or maintenance that you purchased is under a different contract.
    Solution: Try logging in under your different contract number.

  4. You own the latest version of upgrade protection for a product but no upgrade is available at this time.
    Solution: wait until the next release of the product.

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