NAL application returns Error: id=1009

  • 3418185
  • 05-Feb-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


NetWare 6.5 Server
Windows XP Professional SP2
Novell Client 4.91
ZENworks Desktop Management 7


Company uses NAL to distribute standard applications to their workstations.

One user cannot get an application configured as a chained app to install. When the application launches, this error is returned:

Application Launcher Status
A dependent application failed to install.
[Full Name of Application] (id=1009)

This error only affects this user, and follows him to other Workstations.

The installer is a Windows .EXE file, and is not an .MSI install.


Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the user in question had his Windows User Profile restricted due to Corporate Security Policy. Because of the restrictions, his Profile was not delivered to the Workstation, and the application was returning an access error.

If the application .EXE is called manually on the Windows PC the error occurs, but it is hidden by Windows. So, it appears that it installed correctly.

When the application is called by NAL, the error is passed through to the Windows Desktop and appears to be a NAL error.

Additional Information

Any Error codes that come from NAL itself will beigin with 53XX or D0XX. Any other error code reported by NAL comes from another service or application and so NAL is only the messenger.