Exchange users do not appear in the GroupWise External Post Office

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  • 09-Mar-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise Gateway - 4.x API Gateway


Exchange users do not replicate to the GroupWise External Post Office.
External Post Office and Domain are not created when viewing ConsoleOne.

Could have one or both of the above issues


Possible Issue # 1:

Export container is not define in the Exchange connector:
  1. Go to Exchange System Manager
  2. Locate the connector
  3. Go to Properties of the Connector
  4. On the Export Containers tab define which Active Directory Containers you would like to allow Exchange to send to GroupWise.  Define each container including child containers.
Possible Issue # 2:

The GroupWise system already contains a user with the same Email address assigned to it as the Exchange user expected to sync.
While it is possible to have users in the two systems by the same name it is not recommended.  If a GroupWise user with the same email address as an Exchange user exist the Exchange user information contained in the API file sent from Exchange will be discarded and not synchronized to Groupwise.

Possible Issue # 3

Exchange user must contains a Gwise address space.  Exchange users without Gwise address space will not sync to GroupWise.  Gwise address space should be added to the Recipient Policy when the Connector for Novell GroupWise is installed.  Older versions of the Gwproxy,dll have been noted to cause sync issues. 
To Resolve this issue:
  1. Remove the Gwise address space by deleting Gwise from the recipient policy found in Exchange system manager
  2. Apply the Policy or wait for RUSS service to run and auto apply change
  3. Delete Gwproxy.dll from Exchsrvr\address\gwise\i386 on all Exchange servers
  4. From the Exchange CD copy gwproxy.dll back to all Exchange servers
  5. Create Gwise address space in recipient Policy and apply
  6. Force full reload of user on the Connector for Novell Groupwise
Note:  Only Exchange users sync over to GroupWise.  Active directory accounts without Exchange email accounts do not sync.

Additional Information

Helpful Troubleshooting Steps used with API gateway issues:

When doing a full reload on the Exchange connector a message is sent to the API requesting the desired action.
Taking down the API or the connector will enable you to prove that this message is getting passed from Exchange to GroupWise and back.

Steps to prove message flow is working:
  1. Unload the API gateway
  2. From the Exchange system manager | Administrative Groups | First Administrative Group | Routing Groups | Connectors |  Exchange connector go to Properties of the connector
  3. Go to Dirsync Schedule tab and issue an Immediate full reload on the Exchange to GroupWise directory Sync field.
  4. Unload the Connector and restart the API Gateway to trap the response from GroupWise to Exchange in the API_OUT directory. This file should contain all GroupWise users information destined for the Exchange connector.
  5. Now unload the API to trap the second file from Exchange to the API.
  6. Start the connector and note if it places another file in the API_IN directory. This file should contain all the Exchange user that the Exchange system is sending to GroupWise.
  7. Open the file found in the API_IN and note if it contains the appropriate Exchange users to be sent to GroupWise.
  8.  If the file does not contain the appropriate users you wish to send from Exchange to GroupWise then the Exchange system connector is not sending the particular users to GroupWise.  If no users are sent the GroupWise External Post Office will not be created either.
    To resolve this issue you will need to follow the above steps to configure the Connector to export the container(s) that the Exchange users reside in.