8101 Memory Function Failure loading Post Office Agent

  • 3404924
  • 17-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7.02


After creating a new post office, admin loads the post office agent (POA) and receives the following error:
"Memory Error. Memory Function Failure (8101). "

Pressing Enter will allow the POA to load.


There is a corrupt Scheduled Event Record enabled (checked) for the post office.
To resolve this do the following:
1. First verify that the problem you are having is the same, by unloading the POA and then reloading it with the /noconfig switch. If the POA loads without a problem, unload the POA and continue with step 2, otherwise call Support.
2. Make a backup of your primary domain and the secondary domain which owns the problem post office.
3. Load ConsoleOne and connect to the Primary domain.
4. In ConsoleOne, highlight the POA object for the post office, right-click, and choose "Properties".
5. The "Properties of POA" dialog box will appear. From the GroupWise Tab choose "Scheduled Events. You will see a list of Scheduled Events for your system. Two of them will be checked: "Default POA Disk Check Event" and "Default POA Mailbox/Library Maintenance Event".
6. Uncheck one of these events (uncheck only one at a time so that you can identify which Scheduled Event is corrupt).
7. Rename the Secondary domain database (WPDOMAIN.DB) and then rebuild the secondary domain that owns the problem post office.
8. In ConsoleOne, connect to the owning secondary domain.
9. Rebuild the problem post office.
10. Load the POA.
11. If the POA loads without the error then you have identified the corrupt Scheduled Event. If not, then repeat steps 3-10 for the other Scheduled Event.
12. Once you have identified the corrupt Scheduled Event, you will need to look at the properties of the other POA objects to list which post offices use the corrupted Scheduled Event.
13. While connected to the Primary domain, delete the corrupted Scheduled Event.
14. Create a new Scheduled Event to replace the one that you created.
15. If the new Scheduled Event does not replicate, you will need to rebuild the other secondary domains and post offices.


Reported to Engineering