Cannot set user's password in Sentinel.

  • 3404126
  • 31-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 5.1.3
Sentinel 5.1.3 Sentinel Control Center


When trying to set a Sentinel user's password via the Sentinel Control Center the password does not change. Users can be changed and roles can be assigned but password changes do not work.


In the das_query log from the Sentinel server logs should accumulate as this takes place and this is the correct place to troubleshoot this type of event.

If an ORA-28003 error shows up in these logs from the time period of the password change the problem is that the password does not meet the complexity requirements imposed by the Oracle database server. Sentinel users are also Oracle users and must abide by the policies of the environment. Either use a password whose complexity matches the Oracle requirements or change the user's password with SYS directly in Oracle.