Novell Audit: Timezone change in United States & Canada 2007

  • 3403837
  • 26-Feb-2007
  • 30-Apr-2013


Novell Audit 1.0.3
Novell Audit 2.0.0
Novell Audit 2.0.1
Novell Audit 2.0.2


In August 2005, the United States Congress passed an energy bill that included extending Daylight Saving Time (DST) by about a month.  Beninning in 2007, DST will start the second Sunday of March and end the first Sunday of November.  This change will affect customers in the United States and Canada.


Novell Audit receives its time from the underlying operating system (OS).  Please ensure that the OS that Novell Audit runs on is updated with any and all pertinent DST updates from the manufacturer.  No action is required with regard to Novell Audit.


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