Error -714 when trying to start Identity Manager driver

  • 3401558
  • 01-Apr-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.5
Novell Identity Manager 3.0


After installing Novell Identity Manager (IDM) any attempt to create a DriverSet resulted in an error:

'com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIException: (Error -714) The operation was not implemented.'


The schema for IDM was not extended properly. Without the schema being present the IDM engine will not load properly. The iManager plugins try to create the DriverSet with classes and attributes that are not yet in eDirectory. Adding the attributes and classes required will fix this. Reinstalling IDM should extend the schema. Importing schema from another tree with IDM working would also work.

Finally there are .sch files present from the IDM install which can be installed manually. On Linux the command to extend schema is `ndssch` and on NetWare `nwconfig` can be used (see individual product documentation or manuals (man pages) for usage of these commands). The location of the .sch file different per operating system but should be with the rest of the eDirectory schema. Default locations follow depending on platform and eDirectory version.