Failure installing Sentinel 6.

  • 3400587
  • 27-Jun-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 6.0.xx


Getting random Java exceptions and stack traces shown during the installation. The installation starts and fails at different places during the installation. The installation logs show the Java exceptions but do not point to a root cause.


A lack of space in /tmp can cause failures during various processes on Linux and Solaris. Most programs use this space for storing files temporarily and installers are no exception. It is recommended to have around one gigabyte of data in /tmp if it is partitioned off from the rest of the filesystem. If /tmp is part of the root filesystem then there should be at least one gigabyte in that partition.

Strange error taking place during the Sentinel installation can often be attributed to a lack of space (memory or hard drive) on the machine or a need to cleanup from a previous Sentinel installation on the same machine.