NetWare 6.5 Manual Server Migration (Hardware Upgrade)

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  • 11-Feb-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8.1
Novell NetWare 6.5


Procedures to perform a Manual Server migration (hardware upgrade) on a NetWare 6.5 server.
eDirectory 8.8.1 fails to open after migrating eDirectory over to new server hardware (Migration Wizard 1.2)- Error -6061
Search: 6061 Migration Wizard 8.8.1 8.8.2


1. Backup Trustees with TRUSTBAR.NLM on all volumes. Obtainable from (Ex: TRUSTBAR VOL: -B -V) (Verbose writes to the logger screen) (TRUSTBAR writes to trustees.xml at the root of the volume, copy that to the local workstation)
2. Copy data files from the source to the target server.
3. Copy the TRUSTEE.XLM files from the source server to the target server. (Created with TRUSTBAR.NLM)
4. On a local workstation, map a drive to the SYS:\ volume on both the source server and the destination server.
5. On the source server, backup eDirectory with NWCONFIG | Directory Options | Directory Backup and Restore Options | Save Local NDS information before a hardware upgrade (SYS:\SYSTEM\$HWNDS.BAK)
6. On your workstation, copy the SYS:\SYSTEM\$HWNDS.BAK directory to the destination server (SYS:\SYSTEM\$HWNDS.BAK). Overwrite any existing directory on the server.
7. Down the source server.
8. On the destination server, change the Time parameters, IP address, serverID and Server name to matches the source server.
9. On your destination server, remove eDirectory using NWCONFIG | DIrectory Options | Remove Directory Services from this server.
10. Restart the destination server.
11. After the destination server comes back up, restore eDirectory with NWCONFIG | Directory Options | Directory Backup and Restore Options | Restore local NDS information after hardware upgrade. Hit and change the path to "SYS:\SYSTEM" then login to the source tree when prompted. Exit out of NWCONFIG when it completes.
12. Restore trustees with TRUSTBAR.NLM on all volumes. Copy the trustees.xml file you created in step 1 to the root of each volume. Then restore with TRUSTBAR VOL:\trustees.xml(or different filename) -R -V

Your manual server migration is complete. Reboot your server and let it come back up normally. Additional products installed on the destination server may have to be reinstalled and reconfigured.

Additional Information

These procedures have been tested with eDirectory 8.8.1, but should work with eDirectory 8.8.2 and eDirectory 8.7.3. Novell always recommends you perform this in a test environment first with servers configured (support pack, eDirectory version) like your production servers before performing it live. However, if the process fails somehow, contact Novell Support (prior to removing eDirectory from the source server) and they may have additional options for you to complete the process or recover your original server.