Kernel detected an attempted context switch in an MPK Fast WTD

  • 3393255
  • 20-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


The server abends with this error when we attempt to sleep while processing a MPKFastWorkToDo.


The window of opportunity for this abend to occur is so very small. It is very unlikely that it will ever occur again. Engineering will not fix this problem.

The code path is associated with packet signing. Disabling packet signing, or decreasing the packet signature option level should decrease the opportunity for this abend to occur.

Additional Information

Here is the stack showing the code path where this bug may occur:

Current EIP: 0021D34A SERVER.NLM|ProcessSchedulerAbendTriggers+82
9199CBC8 0021AC9B SERVER.NLM|SchedThreadYield+63
9199CBE0 93C989FA NCPIP.NLM|OSA_YieldExecution+2A
9199CBE8 93CA0FBB NCPIP.NLM|OSA_mutex_lock+1B
9199CBF4 93C96A31 NCPIP.NLM|CCS_PacketReplySign+21
9199CC0C 93C90F1E NCPIP.NLM|UDPShimSendMessage+28A
9199CCA4 93C8FFA3 NCPIP.NLM|ReplyReleaseWithFragments+1FB
9199CCD8 916C1E26 NCP.NLM|ReadEverythingDone+56
9199CCE8 0036598A SERVER.NLM|MMASyncReadCompletionRoutine+3C
9199CD04 802D940D MM.NLM|MM_CompleteMessage+35
9199CD28 8030032B MM.NLM|UpdateIOStatsCallback+B3