Migration Utility - Before you begin items to consider

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  • 31-Mar-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


We have encountered some issues with the migration utility that need to be considered while planning your migration of ZAM 7.5 data to Zenworks 10 Configuration Management.
Further documentation on the Migration Utility can be found at:




Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Before you begin migrating data from ZENworks Asset Management 7.5 to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, consider the following:
1. You should back up both source and destination databases.
2. Do not use version 10 of the migration utility if you plan on migrating asset management data to ZENworks 10.x Configuration/Asset Management at a later date. If you use version 10 of the ZENworks Asset Management Migration utility, you will not be able to use the upcoming release of the migration utility (version 10.1), which will support migration of asset management data.
3. Workstations must be migrated before the Adaptive Agent is deployed. To ensure migrated devices are reconciled to active devices in your ZENworks Configuration Management system, first apply 10.0.3, migrate devices, and then deploy the ZENworks Configuration Management Adaptive Agent to those devices from the Discovered Devices tab in ZENworks Control Center (under the Devices created via ZENworks Asset Management Migration list.) If you wish to roll out ZENworks Configuration Management in stages, you can still ensure that migrated device inventory is reconciled to active devices in ZENworks Configuration Management by migrating sets of workstations from ZENworks Asset Management and then deploying the Adaptive Agent to those devices using the method described above.  See Also TID 3418590.
4. You can only migrate objects once.
5. Network devices are not migrated.
6. Custom reports are not migrated.
7. User-defined field data is not migrated.  See Tid 3389180.