Losing 2 grace logins per failed login attempt in GroupWise

  • 3385149
  • 15-Sep-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


GroupWise 7 SP1
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6
Novell eDirectory 8.8 for NetWare 6.5


With Netware eDirectory restrictions in place when you put the wrong password into GroupWise you lose 2 grace logins per failed attempt at times.


This is working as designed, allow for more grace logins with this issue in mind :

This issue can occur under the following conditions:
1. When GroupWise is set for LDAP authentication, or possibly
2. If the GroupWise Address Book is loaded , or possibly
3. If the Gwsync.exe process is loaded under the Windows Task Manager under properties, or
4. If you are in caching mode in GroupWise