LENGINE consumes large amounts of memory

  • 3382360
  • 24-Sep-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Audit 2.0.2 Secure Logging Server
Novell Audit 2.0.0 Secure Logging Server
Novell Audit 1.0.3 Secure Logging Server


The LENGINE process (independent of platform) consumes large amounts of memory while running. This can lead to abends, cores, etc.


This is typically caused by having log applications inactive, or corrupt.

Open iManager, and Select Logging Server Options from the Auditing and Logging role. Choose the Secure Logging Server, and on the summary page it lists all log applications. Make sure each instrumentation is turned on (green). If any appear as disabled (red) simply click the colored icon to enable it. If there were any changes made, LENGINE will need to be restarted.
If after enabling all of the applications there is still increasing memory usage of auditds, auditnw, etc, that normally points to a corrupt log application; follow the steps in TID# 3632992