Unable to move or delete a folder in WebDAV

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  • 24-Mar-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


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Unable to delete or move a folder using WebDAV
ERROR: "Unable to delete folderName." while trying to delete a folder from WebDAV
ERROR: "Unable to move http://ipAddress/ssfs/files/library/liferay.com/Workspaces/Personal workspaces/FirstName LastName (UserID)/File folder/folderName


This is Working as Designed. Reported to Engineering to allow deletion and move of folders


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

It was a business decision not to allow deletion of ICEcore folder through WebDAV in the initial release.

The types of data ICEcore can store and represent are much richer than the flat file system representable through WebDAV. For example, a folder in ICEcore may contain various data and metadata objects such as blogs, wikis, discussion entries, documents, workflows, access control information, team members, etc. When exposing this folder through WebDAV, the only thing that the user can get at is those files stored in the folder. The WebDAV provides users with very convenient means for manipulating those files in a way natural to the file system view of the world.

However, when user tries to delete a directory (which represents a ICEcore folder) through WebDAV, it is assumed that user understands what she/he is about to do. It will delete not only all the files in the folder but also all other information stored in the folder that is not visible through WebDAV. So to solve this dilemma, it was decided not to allow delete operation in an effort to prevent accidental loss of important information assets from the system. The deletion is only possible through ICEcore UI.

Likewise, move is not allowed through WebDAV because conceptually, it can be viewed as a copy followed by a deletion. So, this design is a balance between the ease of operation versus protecting data from accidental loss.
It has been noted that move is allowed when using WebDrive. When the client requests MOVE operation on ICEcore folder, the server returns 207 multi-status respnse containing 500 status code. Windows Explorer correctly honors this status code. However, it appears that WebDrive fails to recognize it and confuses it for a success. So, it is not recommended to use WebDrive against ICEcore.