How to recreate missing Xtier registry keys

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  • 08-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetStorage
Novell XTier
and either
Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell NetWare 6.5 OES
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


How to recreate missing Xtier registry keys on NetWare 6.5 or Linux


For NetWare

The NetWare install uses an NLM called REGSVR to create the XTier registry entries. Use the same NLM to manually create the XTier registry keys by doing the following:
  1. Load the REGSVR module : "load regsvr".
  2. Clear any existing XTier registry by running the command :
    regsvr CLEAR_ALL
  3. Reset default XTier keys by running the command :
  4. Set up the primary authentication domain by running the command :
    regsvr DOMAIN1=
    (of course, replacing with either the IP address or resolvable DNS name of the server that will be used for authentication, and also replacing o=novell with the proper LDAP syntax context to be used for context-less logins.)
  5. Reset the XTier Proxy Username :
    regsvr USERNAME=user.context
    This should be the tree admin user, for example, "admin.novell" .
  6. Set the password for the account used in the previous step :
    regsvr PASSWORD=password
  7. If using iFolder 2.x been installed, the following two regsvr commands need to be issued as well to enable the links for iFolder :
    regsvr IFOLDER_SERVER=ifolder_server_ip_or_dns
    regsvr IFOLDER_SECURE_PORT=443
  8. Restart apache.
  9. Test NetStorage authentication. If this fails, restart the server to force any loaded XTier modules to reread the new registry entries.
If this process does not create the registry keys, backup then delete the NetWare registry by deleting the SERVCFG.* files from the C:\NWSERVER\ directory. On reboot, the server will prompt to recreate the registry files. Once complete, run through the above list again to rebuild the required keys.
**** If other applications and services utilize the NetWare registry, these will need to be re-installed as this TID only covers re-creating the Xtier keys needed for NetStorage.

For Linux

A simple tool has been created to reconstruct the registry items. This can be run using the following two commands at the terminal:


/opt/novell/xtier/bin/xsrvcfg -D \-n admin.novell -p adminpass -d -c o=novell
replacing the following with appropriate values :
  • admin.novell with the tree admin user
  • adminpass with the password for the tree admin user
  • with the IP address or DNS name of the authentication server
  • o=novell with the context for context-less authentication
Then, restart the XTier services :
rcnovell-xsrvd stop
rcnovell-xregd stop
rcnovell-xregd start
rcnovell-xsrvd start
Test the authentication of NetStorage

Additional Information

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