How do you convert from third-party NDPS gateways to the Novell SNMP gateway?

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  • 17-Jul-2007
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Stability problems with third-party gateways
How do you convert from third-party NDPS gateways to the Novell SNMP gateway?


Novell has a tool available called PACVRT.EXE, which is a printer agent conversion utility. This utility is used to convert printer agents between the two Novell gateways. This utility also has the ability to convert from third-party gateways to the Novell gateway.

Not all third party vendors are listed in the PACvrt tool. For example, Konica Minolta is not listed. Converting a Printer Agent's Gateway Autoload Command from a third party vendor to the Novell Gateway can be accomplished by following the steps below. With large numbers of PA's it would be quicker to have PACvrt do the conversion, but the steps listed below accomplishes the same thing as PACvrt:

a. Go to Novell Remote Manager (https://[IPorDNSofPrintServer]:8009
b. Go to NDPS Manager Health (link on left frame)
c. Click the link for a Printer Agent in the list
d. Click the Configuration Options link
e. Modify the Gateway Autoload Command to


f. Click Apply
g. Click the Back button in the browser and go onto the next printer.

After you have made the changes, restart the Print Manager.

NOTE: Novell does not support servers running third party gateways. The Novell Gateway can connect to any network printer that listens on ports 515 or 9100.

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