Unable to create new Property Book Page with IE

  • 3364006
  • 25-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012



Novell iManager 2.5


Attempts to create new property book page with Novell iManager 2.5 and Internet Explorer throws a blank page and the new property book page is not created.


Internet Explorer has a URL length limitation of 2083 characters. On creating a new property book, Novell iManager 2.5 generates a URL with a list of all modules in the current collection. If this URL is greater than 2083 characters, the property book creation fails and Internet Explorer throws a blank page.

The problem is addressed with Novell iManager 2.6 and later releases.


With Novell iManager 2.5, use the Mozilla Firefox browser to create the new property book since Mozilla Firefox has a higher URL length limitation.