Running Exchange gateway as a service.

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  • 16-Aug-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Gateway - Gateway for MS Exchange
Microsoft Windows 2003 server
Microsoft Exchange 2003


Installing Exchange gateway (GWEX) as a service on the Windows server.


When a design requires to install the GWEX on Windows server with Exchange as a service, there are few recommendation worth to keep:
  1. Create for an installation and running the GWEX service a separate Windows account. The account needs following rights:
    • Domain Admins
    • Enterprise Admins
    • Schema Admins
    • Exchange Domain Servers
  2. It is rather not recommended to run a service that access remotely NetWare server. There might come a plethora of configuration and authentication issues.
  3. Install a dedicated GroupWise domain on the same Exchange server and let the MTA run locally. In case MTA runs as a service, use rather the same Windows account than the GWEX will use.
  4. Regarding the account used to run additional Exchange services, use rather still the same Windows account also for the MS Exchange Calendar Connector, MS Exchange Connectivity Controller and MS Exchange Router for GroupWise services. Those are additional Exchange parts necessary for bidirectional Free Busy search functionality. See more configuration details in on-line documentation.
  5. Avoid changing a Windows account that was used for the GWEX installation.
  6. If having logon problems during a service startup, edit the service, Log On tab. Here activate "Logon as: This Account" option, navigate to the desired account and make sure to type a password correctly. This will grant selected account appropriate rights to start a service.