GW Users can no longer see any Libraries or access any documents

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  • 07-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Document Management
This is specific to the following Configuration.
Single Domain with 2 post offices.
Post Office A has only users
Post Office B has only libraries


GroupWise users can no longer see any Libraries.
From the GroupWise Client, attempting to access Tools | Options | Libraries reports.
GroupWise Error: There are No Document Libraries Available
And the GroupWise POA reports
Error: Dependent store file does not exist on the disk [C05D]


Discovered the User's Post Office did not have a po\gwdms directory. This is important because the gwdms directory contains the dmsh.db. The dmsh.db contains the library information.
The Library post office directories were fine.
Since the User's po\gwdms and the dmsh.db is missing here are the steps to resolve this:
1 - Unload the User's poa
2 - Run GWCheck.exe with the following options:
a) fill in the normal fields such as Database Path and the Post Office Name (to the User's PO)
b) for object type choose User/Resource and in the field type in dmsh.db.
c) On the Databases tab uncheck User and Message and Document.
d) Action: Choose Structural Rebuild.
e) Run
This will fix the C05D errors. GWCheck Will Error, because the dmsh.db does not exist on disk. This will remove or drop the dmsh.db reference from the ngwguard.db, allowing us to recreate the dmsh.db.
To recreate the dmsh.db.
3 - Stay in GWCheck and change these options.
a) Object Type - select Post Office
b) Action: Select Analyze/Fix Library. With only Verify Library checked.
c) Run
4 - Reload the User's POA
This recreates the po\gwdms\dmsh.db and will allow the User's to see the Libraries and access their documents.