Sentinel: After applying MS Security Update 921883, Sentinel services and SCC fail to start

  • 3359843
  • 16-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1


After applying Microsoft Security Update 921883 to a 32-bit Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1 Server and rebooting, Sentinel Services and Sentinel Control Center may fail to start. The problem is that the security patch introduces an issue with programs that allocate large amounts of contiguous memory (ie 1GB or more), and will cause them to immediately fail.

This can also affect 64bit systems when the application/services are running in 32bit mode.


1. Microsoft has released a hotfix for this issue and is found in KB article 924054 ( Applying this hotfix and rebooting the server will fix it.
2. The other option is to allocate less memory (less than 1GB) for the programs affected. This may cause instability if those applications require the amount of memory previously allocated to them.


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