Unable to start GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange

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  • 11-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Gateway - 7.x Gateway for MS Exchange
Novell GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange
Novell GroupWise 7 Support Pack 1


Unable to start GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange
Gateway installed as an application fails to start with error: gateway root directory does not exist
Gateway root directory does not exist error when starting the GroupWise Gateway for Exchange.
Gateway log may indicate ERROR: Unable to access MS Exchange Gateway Mailbox


1. Go to the GroupWise Domain/wpgate/exchange/gwexch.cfg
2. open the gwexch.cfg file in Notepad
3. create a backup copy of the file before modifying
4. modify the original file home path to appear as follows: /home-\\groupwise server name\volume\domain\wpgate\exchange\
5. restart gateway

Additional Information

Note: It has also been noted that the gwexch.cfg file can be set to read only. Please un-checked the read only attribute of this file if present.
It has also been necessary to add rights to the user who is authenticating to Edirectory from the Exchange server.
Modify these rights as follows in Exchange system manager:
1. Go to Start
2. Choose all programs
3. Choose Microsoft Exchange
4. Choose Exchange System Manager
5. Expand First Administrative Group
6. Expand Servers
7. Expand the Server who runs the Gateway
8. Highlight First Storage Group
9. Highlight and right click the Mail box store (server name)
10. Go to properties and choose security Tab
11. Give Domain Admins, Exchange Admins, and the user authenticating to GroupWise server Explicate right to send as and receive as. These need to be set to allow and have no greyed out check box on the deny.
This has also worked when adding the same rights to Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins Groups.
un-checking inheritable permission under the advanced tab may have to be used to enable the allow button and insure the greyed out deny checks are removed when setting these right under the properties of the Mail store.

Note: For additional help installing and running the gateway see TID 7001367 "How to install GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange"