Unable to open attachments from mail

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  • 04-Apr-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 32 bit Client


Unable to open attachment from mail.
When opening an PDF acrobat is started but never appears.
The directory %TEMP%\XPGRPWISE is not present.


The has been resolved in GroupWise 7 Support Pack 3 HP1 or later.

You can use the following workaround
  1. Restart the GroupWise client
  2. Stop in Task Manager the programs started to open the attachments
  1. Restart the workstation

When using HTML mails, the problem will not occur with GroupWise 7.0.3 Client.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Start your GroupWise client.
  2. Send your self a text-based mail with a PDF attachment.
  3. Delete the XPGRPWISE directory in your %TEMP% or %TMP%.
  4. Open the mail send in step 2.
  5. Double click the attachment to open this.
  6. Acrobat reader will not start. The attachment should be saved in %TEMP%\XPGRPWISE\ but instead this will be saved in the GroupWise program directory. If you check with Task Manager you will see an acrobat process running.
  7. If you repeat the same with a HTML mail you will have no problems when using a GroupWise 7.0.3 client.