How to selectively enable synchronization on partitions.

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  • 24-Sep-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory SP10 for All Platforms except Windows


When troubleshooting eDirectory synchronization it is sometimes helpful to only allow certain partitions to synchronize. This is also helpful when reading dstrace output due to the mutiple threads normally used to synchronize multiple partitions at once from a single server.


The familiar ways to enable and disable synchronization is thru dstrace or ndstrace as follows:
- set dstrace=!d Disables outbound synch on all partitions
- set dstrace=!e Enable outbound synch on all partitions
- set dstrace=!do Disables outbound synch on all partitions
- set dstrace=!eo Enables outbound synch on all partitions
- set dstrace=!di Disables inbound synch on all partitions
- set dstrace=!ei Enables inbound synch on all partitions
Starting with eDirectory 8.7.3 SP10 this can be made more granular. To selectively disable outbound synchronization on a selected partition first the partiton root EID must be found. This can be found by drilling down to the container via iMonitor. Assuming the EID is 87ff then the following command would disable outbound synch on only that partition:
set dstrace=!dp87ff
Typing: set dstrace=!ep87ff would enable it again.

A more typical situation would be to disable synchronization on all partitions then to enable it on one. The following commands would acheive this:
set dstrace=!d
set dstrace=!ep87ff

To reenable synchronization on all partitions:
set dstrace=!e

Since it can take a while for the status attribute for this server to appear in iMon the best way to display the current settings is to type:
set dstrace=!ds . This will show all partitions and there synchronization setting.
Disabling synchronization will take effect for 24 hours.

NOTE: The ability to selectively disable and enable synchronization is not available on the Windows platform.