CR - How do I register or activate my activation code or product subscription?

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  • 14-Nov-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012




SUSE Linux product registrations may be registered several different ways.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter in your activation code.

  3. You will then be sent a confirmation e-mail.

    (You may go to , but this site does not always work.)

Novell Electronic License Delivery Email

  1. Open up your email delivery from Novell.

  2. Click on the URL provided. This will take you to your purchased products.

  3. Login using your Novell eLogin account, or create a new account.

  4. Find your product and click on the Download link provided under the Delivery Info. section.

  5. This will automatically register the product activation codes to your elogin account.

  6. You will then be sent a confirmation e-mail.

Within the Novell Customer Center:

Click on the Novell Customer Center Documentation link below:

When you purchase a subscription, it is automatically added to the Product Subscription list in Novell Customer Center, but you still need to activate it.

To activate the subscription:

  1. Log in to Novell Customer Center.

  2. Click Products and Subscriptions>List of Products and Subscriptions.

  3. Double-click the new product subscription.

    Double-clicking the subscription automatically activates it. An activation code appears in the Product Subscription Information section of the subscription overview.

Manually Creating a Product Subscription:

You can manually create a subscription, as long as you have the activation code you received when you purchased the product.

  1. Log in to Novell Customer Center.

  2. Click Products and Subscriptions.

  3. Click Product Subscriptions.

  4. Click the Add (+) icon beneath the Name column.

  5. Type the activation code, then click Add.