iManager plugins for IDM 3.5 compatibility

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  • 12-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iManager 2.6
Novell Identity Manager iManager Plug-ins
Novell Identity Manager 3.5


When using the Novell Identity Manager (IDM) 3.5 plugins in iManager it is not possible to manipulate drivers that are still associated with a server running a version of the IDM engine less-than 3.5. If any server in the DriverSet is associated to one of these pre-3.5 servers a message will show stating that the engines are not running IDM 3.5.


If managing drivers from IDM versions less-than 3.5 is required for a brief period during an upgrade there may be other iManager servers with the 3.0 plugins which can be used. Alternatively iManager can be installed on a new server or on a workstation. The Mobile/Workstation version of iManager is the best option as it does not affect servers at all and can be used for a short or long term. This version has the same functionality as the server-based version of iManager. The IDM plugins do not have any known problems running in either version.

Mobile/Workstation iManager can be used as a long-term solution if there are going to be multiple versions of IDM in an environment for quite a while with each install of iManager using plugins for a specific version of IDM. Novell Identity Manager Designer is a client-based utility that is capable of managing multiple instances of IDM running different versions of the engine simultaneously. Designer also adds other features including automatic documentation.

Both iManager and Designer are available from Novell's download site.