Can't associate a certificate to an LDAP Server object

  • 3347087
  • 29-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


The 8.8 LDAP plugin was recently installed. You can verify this using these steps:
1. Start iManager
2. Go to Configure | Plugin-Installation | Installed Novell Plug-in Modules
3. The LDAPConfiguration version should be 2.6.20060622.
This will only occur in a tree without any 8.8 servers.


You can not associate a certifcate to an existing LDAP Server object. In addition, this problem will prevent the successful creation of a new LDAP Server object.

In both cases, the following error is displayed - "Attribute ldapLBURPNumWriterThreads not found in the schema."


This issue is resolved once eDirectory 8.8 is installed on any server. The 2.5.20061108 version of the LDAP plug-in is available that resolves the issue without installing eDirectory 8.8.
You can download this plugin manually, or you can use the iManager 2.6 feature to automatically download it.