GroupWise User Account Type Install Methods

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  • 15-Feb-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7


What types Windows user accounts can install the GroupWise client?


Limited Rights

Currently only available if done through ZEN or another utility that does an elevated rights install. Available in GroupWise 7 Support Pack 2 client, provided the installer provides an Administrator authentication during the install process. With out administrator intervention, this type of install requires a system utility to be already installed on the workstation prior to the GroupWise install process so the install will have the necessary elevated rights to install properly.


Installing via the groupwise.msi still either requires either ZEN or 3rd party utility that will elevate the rights for the install process.

Power User

Although not officially supported at this time by Novell, Novell CPR has made changes in attempt to allow power user installs for a single user on the workstation. The current requirements for the GroupWise client to install as a power user on Windows 2000 or Windows XP are:

1) At least GroupWise 7.01 client code with a grpwise.msi build of 9/5/2005 or latter

2) Msxml4 package must already be installed on the machine (This is installed by default on Windows XP but on on Windows 2000)

3) Windows messaging (wms.exe) must already be installed on the machine

Note: A windows power user install is not designed to setup software for all users on a workstation. Per Microsoft Windows design, Power users do not have any rights to other users' profile data. Many Windows installs, including GroupWise, require profile data access to create icons, to set temp locations, and make registry changes per user to properly install. Because a power user does not have any rights to other users profile data, the install program can only setup GroupWise for the power user profile initiating the install.

To install GroupWise for all users on the machine, another utility installed at the system level that allows elevated rights installs on the machine must be already be running to allow the install rights to other users' profile data..

Note: With the default power user install, the addons ("Browser Integration" and "Tip of the Day") will not be installed.

Administrator Install

Administrative installs inlcuing groupwise.msi installs are fully supported by GroupWise. An Administrative install is designed to install GroupWise for all users on the machine.

Additional General Requirements for all Install methods

GroupWise requires and leverages windows Installshield to properly install GroupWise on Windows 2000 and Windows XP workstations. GroupWise requires that Installshield 1) be installed and usable on the workstation or 2) be a working older version of Installshield. If a current version of installshield is not installed on the workstation, GroupWise will attempt install a current version of installshield. ]

This means that in order to install GroupWise for all users on a workstation, either an administrator install has to be done or a 3rd party utility needs to be leveraged.

Setupip can run as a Power User and be used to install GroupWise for a single Power User on a machine. With GroupWise 7 Support Pack 2, SetupIP can be run as a limited rights user and be used to install the GroupWise client provided that an Administrator authentication is provided.