Access Manager "Configuration to load could not be found in the directory:" error

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  • 19-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Linux Access Gateway
Novell Access Management 3 Access Administration
Novell Access Management 3 Linux Novell Identity Server


Installed an Access Administrator server, followed by an Identity server and a Linux Access Gateway. All devices imported successfully and a working setup was configured.

After a few weeks of testing the Linux Access Gateway was reinstalled and a backup of the previously working configuration was restored. After doing this the Access Gateway would not return to the green working state and would remain in non working state. The health check indicated the following exception at the Service provider

Resolve the error and then restart the identity server
The following error occurred during the identity server configuration: Configuration to load could not be found in the directory Exception message: "Configuration to load could not be found in the directory:"
y, Line: 3451, Method: initialize y, Line: 1633, Method: A y, Line: 2205, Method:
start y, Line: 3497, Method: doCommand y, Line: 1630, Method: doCommand, Line: -2, Method: invoke0 NativeMethodAcc, Line: 39, Method: invoke,
Line: 25, Method: invoke, Line: 324, Method: invoke UnicastS, Line: 261, Method: dispatch, Line: 148, Method
: run, Line: -2, Method: doPrivileged Transport.ja
va, Line: 144, Method: serviceCall, Line: 460, Method: han
dleMessages, Line: 701, Method: run, Line:
534, Method: run

Restarting all services failed to get it working. We tried to reinitialise the Liberty relationship between the IDP and Access Gateway server by going to the Access Gateway devices(under Authentication settings) to NONE, applying the change and then restting it back to the original IDP configuration and reapplying. This also failed.


The following manual steps are required to address this problem for now:

1. Manually remove the Linux Access Gateway from the Access Administrator - delete the device out of the configuration
2. From the Linux Access Gateway console, run /chroot/lag/opt/novell/bin/ and select option #3 to install the LAG and NESP services
- fill out all questions as with the install
- make sure that you select the option C to keep the Current configuration and not option I to push down the Initial configuration

Doing this will fix the issue and get you back to the setup you had before hitting the problem.