iPrint on Vista Error: 1797 and "The Specified username is invalid"

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  • 12-Mar-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows Vista


Installing an iPrint printer to a Vista workstation returns the following error:

Novell iPrint
Error Message: The Specified username is invalid.
Error Group Windows
Error code: 2202

Another message that has been reported is:

Novell iPrint
Error Message: The printer driver is unknown.
Error group: Windows
Error code: 1797


Install the iPrint client version 5.08 or later.

If iPrint is hosted by a NetWare server, then applying RMANSRVR.NLM dated 09JUN2008 or later is also required.  Both of these updates can be found at download.novell.com under the "Product or Technology" drop down option of "iPrint".

Additional Information

In one scenario, the cause of the problem can be attributed to the method in which driver is uploaded.   If the iPrint printer is associated to a driver that was uploaded to the Broker or Driver Store using an unsupported method, then the above errors can be encountered. That unsupported method is: choose the "Add From System" button and then the "Have Disk" button.

This unsupported method is sometimes used because that same printer driver encounters errors when uploading the driver using the supported method.  The typical error is:

Exception saving resource print drivers configuration
NDPS Library Error Category 10600044
Other Error: FFFFFC65h

To resolve this error, obtain RMANSRVR.NLM dated 09JUN2008 or later from download.novell.com.  iprntnw65sp7b contains that version.

The "Add From File" button. The "Add From System" / "Have Disk" option seems like a good workaround because the driver will upload with a status of Success, but the problem won't be seen until the end user attempts to install the iPrint printer with that associated printer driver that was uploaded using the unsupported method.

Note: The "Add From System" button is a supported method to upload drivers to the Broker or Driver Store. The "Add From System", then choosing the "Have Disk" button is the unsupported method, but appears to be successful.

Some environments will observe that this problem does not affect all workstations. The iPrint printer will install without error if the printer driver was previously installed to the workstation. To determine if the printer driver is already installed to the workstation, follow these steps:

Right-click the white space in the Vista Printers folder -> Choose Run as Administrator -> Server Properties... -> Drivers tab. Is the driver seen in the Drivers tab list? If yes, then this workstation will not see the above documented errors. It is important to understand that when a printer driver is uploaded to the Broker or Driver Store, that driver is installed to the workstation running iManager. Therefore, the workstation uploading the driver using the unsupported method will not experience the errors documented above.

Steps to reproduce the error:

a. Go to iManager -> Manage Broker (or Driver Store) -> RMS Drivers - -> Vista (32 bit) or Vista (64bit) -> Add From System -> Have Disk -> Browse to printer driver INF -> click OK
NOTE: Choosing the Have Disk button when uploading a printer driver with the "Add From System" button is an unsupported, unrecommended option.
b. Associate the newly uploaded printer driver to an iPrint printer.
c. Attempt to install the iPrint printer.

If you have found a printer driver that can't be uploaded to the Broker or Driver Store using the "Add From File" button, email patchfeedback@novell.com with the subject of "Vista Printer Driver Fails to Upload". Within the email, provide a link to a website where that driver can be downloaded. Novell will duplicate the problem, write a Bug, and investigate the problem.