GMS client shows GroupWise group reminder notes as 24 hour appointments on the device

  • 3325849
  • 29-Apr-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition


GroupWise group reminder notes should show up in the GMS client calendar exactly like posted reminder notes. Group reminder notes currently show as 24 hour long appointments whereas posted reminder notes show just they way the customer wants. So why the difference ?

Posted reminder notes show on the device calendar in the Day and Week view at the top of the screen, not taking very much screen space. But the group reminder note shows as being 24 hrs long APPOINTMENT in the Day, Week and Month view.


Initial feedback from Nokia was that this is essentially an enhancement request. I was told that the reason is because there is not a good mapping between a GroupWise group reminder note and a windows mobile 5 device / GMS client note. But if that is the case why does a posted reminder not show up ok. It should be the same.

An enhancement request has been made to Nokia on this issue.