SecureLogin fails on Citrix server running memory optimization

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  • 19-Mar-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL v 3.51
NSL v6.0.105
Citrix Presentation Server 4
Citrix memory optimization feature enabled


SecureLogin fails on Cirtix Server
NSL works on Citrix MSP 4.0 after install but fails the following day.
Uninstalling and reinstalling NSL resolves the problem until the following day.
File creation and modification dates of NSL dlls and exe's are changed to the current date at 3:00 am.


Exclude the NSL DLLs and executables from memory optimization by manually editing the registry. Dlls excluded from memory optimization through the Citrix memory management console do not get excluded. The tool only exludes exe files; Citrix says it was not designed to exclude DLLs. An enhancement request has been entered at Citrix to exclude dlls as well as exes.

Workaround is to manually edit the registry to add the dlls and exe's that need to be excluded. According to Citrix, this workaround should be fine. Add the following to the registry of all Citrix servers in the farm.


Additional Information

Citrix MPS 4.0 has a new feature called Virtual Memory Optimization. This process helps reduce the virtual memory requirements of the server by remapping memory in certain EXEs and DLLs. Unfortunately it does not play well with NSL 3.51. The process that actually determines what files get optimized runs by default at3:00 ameach morning.
NSL3.51 was not tested against Citrix Presentation Server 4. PS4 was released after NSL3.51.

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