Problems with synchronizing items from a mobile phone.

  • 3314094
  • 15-Jan-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 2.0x


After creating a new mail or Calendar item on a phone, synchronization does not bring those new items to a GMS server and GroupWise account.


When you start an Admin Console on a GMS server and check for logs under Intellisync Mobile Suite | Management | Logs | User Activity, you can see the troubled user account listed with a message "Unexpected failure detected".
Please, start from this console WebAdmin and after it is opened, replace the URL like:
In WebDiag tool click on Email Accelerator | All Accounts. Here you get listed in a tab all acive GMS accounts. Click on the troubled account. This page displays all system settings for this GMS account. Scroll down to a section "Personal Folders". You might see anything similar like data bellow:
Personal Folders
Contacts (0 records, version 15, 0x383869c9f92bf24c9f90804a4fe6bcaf, sfs 0)
Problem loading data Calendar (0 records, version 19, 0x7b1ef23900d8f448b51ad306195e7f1e, sfs 0)
Notes (8 records, version 5, 0x7da205f6b0fe2647b4bc3b53b191c8de, sfs 0)
Tasks (0 records, version 2, 0x157e2ca9fa44664486784c21c58816bc, sfs 0)
Favorites (0 records, version 2, 0x43cae1eb8f458248bf600a729496d2fa, sfs 0)
Inbox (9 records, version 104, 0x411d73d138786343966d606d220ae3b3, sfs 0)
Outbox (0 records, version 2, 0xe1a3677f26fd7143a63fc180f2898e4d, sfs 0)
Sent Items (3 records, version 28, 0x154c5bc6637f2843a5b74993dfe831c7, sfs 0)
Deleted Items (0 records, version 12, 0xb098b1e26cfd5a419f77d0c4e5e70ca7, sfs 0)
Drafts (1 records, version 10, 0xfd7008a565600644ab2f57c023537f5b, sfs 0)
Note that a line listed Calendar shows problem reported. The hex string asside Calendar - here 0x7b1ef23900d8f448b51ad306195e7f1e follows also a name of a Calendar database on a GMS server. You can do a search for this string - as a file name - under \PIM\SharedFileSystem\Record store\. If the file is there, there might be possible corruption with it. You will need to stop a Intellisync Mobile Suite service and delete or copy off a set of those files - usually .sfx and_log.sfx. Then start the services again and from WebDiag tool - viewing details of the troubled account - click on Reset link. This re-generates a new set of SFX files. When you refresh this WebDiag page and scroll down to "Personal Folders" section, the error line about Calendar shall be usually corrected.
If you are unable to find a folder location under \PIM\SharedFileSystem\Record store on a server, you can try to click from WebDiag tool - viewing properties of the user account, on a "Generate new calendar entry". If there is a problem with a Calendar syncing, the web page might point you to a error - usually it expects to find and SFX file in a certain directory location. You can verify why there is this complain listed - it can be a file missing. In this case you click on Reset link within viewing the troubled account from WebDiag tool. This re-generates missing files.