Unable to run multiple instances of Citrix application

  • 3311503
  • 22-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin 6.0
Citrix Presentation Server
Citrix Metaframe Server


Simultaneous users "lose" applications on primary logged in workstation. NSL supplies the necessary credentials, however the application will not have two instances opened simultaneously for the same user. When the user logs in on the second workstation, the application "disappears" off the first workstation and appears on the second.


Change the Citrix settings to not disconnect a session opened by the same user on a different workstation, as follows:

1. On the Citrix Server, click Start, Programs, Citrix, Administration Tools, Citrix Connection Configuration
2. Edit the ica-tcp connection, click Advanced.
3. Change the ICA protocol advanced setting: "Reconnect session disconnected"

It should be changed from "from any clients to "only from this client"

Additional Information

Consider the Following Example:

User A has workstations A and B. User A launches a published application on workstation A. The application loads, and NSL supplies the necessary credentials. User A then goes to workstation B and launches the same application. NSL again supplies the necessary credentials, but the application closes on workstation A and appears on workstation B. The citrix session does, however, remain connected on both workstations.

When a published application with the same name is launched, from the same
Citrix session running on workstation B the second session detects the first one, assumes
that the first (A) has become disconnected and transfers it. Changing the setting mentioned above or
copying the application and giving it another name (still calling the same .exe) resolves the issue.