Does Novell Audit 2.0.2 support Microsoft SQL Server 2005?

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  • 16-Jan-2007
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Does Novell Audit support Microsoft SQL Server 2005?
[Novell Audit]: Driver lgdmssql.dll failed to load from C:\Program Files\Novell\Nsure Audit. Error 2
How do you get Novell Audit to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2005?


The Novell documentation for Novell Audit 2.0.2 states that only SQL 2000 is the supported database for Novell Audit 2.0.2. The link to the documentation is found at:
However, it is possible to successfully write to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 using the native Microsoft SQL driver (lgdmssql.dll), or using the JDBC driver. This TID contains the information necessary to write data to Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
Microsoft SQL 2005 Rights assignments, user and database creation:
The first thing you need to do is make sure that the rights you have assigned to MS SQL 2005 are correct. Please perform the following steps to create a Novell Audit user account and a Novell Audit database:
1.) Go to "SQL Server Management Studio" and login. Make sure you login using an account that has sufficient rights to create databases, user accounts, and so forth.
2.) Expand the "Security" section on the left side.
3.) Click once on "Logins". Right click on"Logins" and select "New Login...".
4.) You will now give a "Login name:". Typically this is something, such as "auditusr" (without quotes).
5.) You will want to select "SQL Server authentication" and give your audit user a password. When you select "SQL Server authentication", please uncheck"User must change password at next login", "Enforce password expiration", and "Enforce password policy". (If you do not uncheck these three options, you will have to manage the password for your Novell Audit user.) Now click on the "OK" button.
6.) Now highlight "Databases". Right click and select "New Database...".
7.) Now give the new database a name. You can use something such as "naudit". Please remember the name and case that you give. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is case sensitive. Now click on the "OK" button.
8.) Now add the new user account to the new database.
9.) Starting with the "Databases", go to the newly created database (naudit), open up "Security" and click on"Users". Right click on "Users" and select "New User...". For "User name:" enter in the name that you created in step 4 above. In step 4, we used "auditusr".
10.) Next, go to "Login name:" and click on the box with the ". . ." in the box. Click on the "Browse" button. This will bring up a list of users in the MS SQL Server 2005 database. Select the user that you created in step 4 above and click on the "OK" button twice. (You select the user here by putting a check next to the user's name.)
11.) You should still be at the screen where you can set the "Database role_membership". (This is the same screen that you started on in step 10 above.) Put a check next to"db_datareader", "db_datawriter", and "db_owner". Once you have selected these three database role memberships, click on the"OK" button.
12.) Go back to the global Security option and go to Logins. You should see your auditusr here. Double click on the auditusr account. Go to the "Default database:" and change it from "master" to database name that you gave in step 7 above. In step 7, "naudit" was the name used when creating the database. Click on the "OK" button to save your changes.
13.) You can now close "SQL Server Management Studio".
Now your database is configured to accept data from your Secure Logging Server.
Running your Secure Logging Server (SLS) from Windows using the native SQL driver (lgdmssql.dll):
Novell Audit has a dependency on NTWDBLIB.DLL. NTWDBLIB.DLL is a Microsoft DB library DLL. NTWDBLIB.DLL came bundled with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, but is not included in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. What you will need to do is check the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory on your Microsoft server and look for NTWDBLIB.DLL. If NTWDBLIB.DLL does not exist, then you can download Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4 patch, extract it out, and copy the NTWDBLIB.DLL from MS SQL Server 2000 SP4 into the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. Failure to obtain and use NTWDBLIB.DLL will result in lengine.exe failing to load.
If you are not comfortable using NTWDBLIB.DLL from Microsoft SQL 2000 SP4, you can use JDBC to connect to the database. Please see from the online documentation for further details. You can use a third-party, open source JDBC driver (jtds) found at to connect to your MS SQL 2005 server.