iPrint Rename Error: "The Rename Object request failed"

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  • 31-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5


When using iManager's eDirectory Administration to rename an iPrint printer object, the following error is returned:

Error: The Rename Object request failed

The system explanation for the failure is as follows: NDPS Printer Rename : The requested rename, of NDPS Printer object type has been denied by a plugin, which is dependent on this object.

Renaming a printer object in eDirectory is not allowed by the iPrint plugin because a printer names will not match. Each printer object in eDirectory is tied to a printer object in the Print Manager Database. These are two separate objects, but associated to each other. Renaming one object will not rename the other. The ability to rename a printer object is allowed using NWAdmin, but the result is awkward.
  • The old name will show on NDPS Manager Console Screen's list and the /ipp iPrint install page
  • The new name will show in iManager, ConsoleOne, and NWAdmin.
  • The old or the new name will show on the end user's workstation, depending on when they installed it.
To overcome this awkward condition rename the printer agent within the database by:

  1. go to the NDPS Manager Console screen
  2. hit F8
  3. highlight the printer agent which got renamed in eDirectory
  4. hit F3
  5. change the name to match the eDir name.
After renaming the printer agent object in the database, the workstations with the printer installed as an iPrint printer will pick up that change, uninstall the printer, and re-install the printer with the updated name.


NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6 will introduce a feature called iPrint Redirect.

a. Create a new printer with the new name.
b. Configure the original printer to be redirected to the new printer.
c. Workstations with the iPrint client will try to attach to the
original printer, but get redirected to the new printer.
d. The iPrint Server will instruct the iPrint client to remove the
printer from the workstation and install the new printer.

Note: The scenario above describes how to redirect one printer to another with a different name. The same iPrint Redirect feature could be used to redirect one printer to another with the same name, but to a different Print Manager, running on a different server. Or, redirect to a different Print Manager with a different printer name. Or, redirect to a different Print Manager on a different platform (Linux). Read KB 3006726 for more information on the iPrint Redirect feature.