Concepts Comparison Between Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management and ZENworks Desktop Management

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  • 29-Jun-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management - Public Beta


Some design and terminology changes when moving from ZENworks Desktop Management 7 and earlier to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management for distribution, cache, force run.


In ZENworks 7, "Distribution" was defined as "cache"and"install".
In ZCM,"Distribution" is only"cache". "Install" is separate.

Additional Information

In ZCM,"manually clicking" a bundle will initiate the Launch. Launch will always check to see if Distribution and Install have happened yet, and if not, will first execute them before launching.
In ZCM,"Distributed apps" (msi, file) and "Launched apps" (exe, bat, etc.) are all just bundles. If any action in a bundle has content, then that content will be cached during distribution.
The Install Action set can have both launches (exe, bat, scripts, etc.) and installs (msi, install files, etc.).
The Launch Action set is pretty much just for launches.
"Force Run" and "Force Cache" are now controlled through different schedules on the assignment.
"Is distribution equivalent to a "Forced Cache" checkbox in ZENworks 7?"
No. "Distribution" is equivalent to caching the application in ZENworks 7. Automatically triggering distribution on a schedule is equivalent to "Force Cache" in ZENworks 7.
Launch means run the Launch action set regardless of bundle type (and if distribution and/or installation has not yet happened, it will be executed before the launch set.) A Launch Schedule can trigger the launch automatically (as opposed to being triggered by a user click). The closest thing to "Force Run" in ZENworks 7 is either a Launch schedule set to Event --> User Login, or set to Recurring --> On Device Refresh.